We need to ensure that all soil coming into our recycling facility is non-hazardous. To do this we are now asking all our customers who wish to dispose of recyclable materials to fill in our questionnaire. If the recyclable material is coming from a Brownfield site or for those who wish to dispose of large quantities, we may require a chemical analysis test to prove the material is non-hazardous. If the was any previous activity above ground which had potential to contaminate the soil, chemical analysis testing must be provided, no matter the quantity wished to be disposed of.

“Nearly all household, commercial and industrial wastes do need to be classified. This includes waste from domestic households”.

Ensure the material is what you state it is E.g. If you state your load is inert soil it must only be this and not a mix of soil and tarmac, man-made slate, Asbestos, diesel/oils, or any other hazardous waste!

Please download and complete a waste soil report (link above) prior to collection of the skip.

Please email completed reports to vicky@skiphiredpw.com